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Creating Successful Partnerships for Water Management

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This course introduces you to the theory of stakeholder partnerships and networks in the water sector, offers you methods to analyze your own stakeholder partnership or network environment, and guides you through a practical application, combining theory and methods for a real-world case. The course consists of three main components, offered over a two-week period:

Part 1: Partnerships and Networks in Theory 

This topic introduces the concepts and theories of partnerships and networks and elaborates on their importance in practices of water/sanitation management. 

Part 2: Advanced stakeholder analysis

The second part of this course presents different approaches for advanced stakeholder analysis. Approaches that will be elaborated on include actor network scanning, game theory and social network analysis. 

Part 3: Stakeholder analysis in practice

Following the introduction to concepts of partnerships and networks, and hands-on exercises with advanced stakeholder analysis, participants will undertake a small project to gain insight into the functioning of partnerships and networked water management in practice. 






12 days

ECTS credits


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Tuition fee 2023/2024

€ 3,500

€ 3,500


Application requirements

A BSc degree is required, an ability to think at MSc level and an ability to understand basic (high school level) mathematics. The course mainly uses social science and management science theories and methods, and involves some light quantification and mathematics.

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Tuition fees  
€ 3,500
€ 3,500
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19 Aug '24 19 Jul '24 19 Jul '24


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