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Programming literacy has become an essential skill for the society we live in these days, and this is also important in arts because programming has become an artistic medium for exploring creativity. It allows people to express possibilities built on top of the computer's interactivity and multimedia features. In this course, we will explore the cutting edge of programming and visual arts by understanding the basics of programming for creative purposes. 

The programming language that we will use during the course is Processing, but learning processing is just a side effect. The knowledge and skills acquired by the students during the course are transferable to other programming languages like Java or JavaScript.

Knowledge and understanding: at the end of the course, students will be familiar with basic programming concepts (e.g., variables, expressions, statements, loops, and functions) and creative coding concepts (e.g., shapes, color, interaction, typography, and 2D transformations)

Applying knowledge and understanding: Students will be able to reproduce existing visual ideas and express their own visual ideas in small to medium-sized programs.






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