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Reasons GW is one of the major water sources for drinking water production

Advantages of exploiting GW as a drinking water source

Aggressive properties of water & neutralisation techniques

Problems caused by water that has aggressive (corrosive) characteristics

Methods to determine aggressivity of water

Methods to reduce | eliminate aggressive properties of water (neutralisation methods)

Groundwater quality

Sources of impurities and pollutants in GW

Chemical and physical characteristics of GW

Aeration & Gas transfer

Purposes of aeration applied in GW treatment

Intro to different aeration systems usually applied in GW treatment

Conventional groundwater treatment

Origins and problems caused by the presence of iron, ammonium, manganese and hydrogen sulphide in GW

Conventional methods for removal of these parameters from GW

Experiences from field pilot and full-scale groundwater treatment plants

Research at IHE on iron and manganese removal

Arsenic, fluoride & nitrate removal

Origins and health effects of arsenic, fluoride and nitrate contamination of GW

Methods for removal of parameters from GW intended for water supply

Innovative research on adsorptive arsenic and fluoride removal technologies at IHE Delft

Advanced groundwater treatment in NL

Removal of natural organic matter from GW

River bank filtration and artificial aquifer recharge







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For this course, basic knowledge of inorganic chemistry and familiarity with basic water quality parameters and treatment methods are an advantage.

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