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Organisational Networks in Healthcare: Theory and Analysis

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Healthcare is currently faced with a myriad of issues. An aging population requires more complex healthcare provision. For example, people live longer with chronic conditions that require treatment, while at the same time innovations in technology and medical sciences increase opportunities for diagnosis and treatment, requiring professionals from a variety of disciplines to be involved. This increased complexity challenges the affordability, accessibility, and quality of healthcare. As a response, more collaboration is required within and between healthcare organizations. Indeed, policymakers increasingly urge organizations to form collaborative networks to solve the complexities related to these developments in healthcare. However, it is difficult for policymakers to monitor the quality and functioning of these collaborative networks. This is problematic because these collaborative networks often do not achieve their goals.

A certain form of governance is necessary to align goals, stimulate activities, and prevent or solve conflicts. But what form of governance is most fitting under what conditions? And how do governance and structure affect collaboration (and v.v.)? To strategize a network for success, it is necessary to know about the strategy for healthcare networks and how to form an effective mode of governance.






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