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This Master's specialisation offers a physics programme that covers the inner workings of the universe from the smallest to the largest scale.

Particle physics and Astrophysics both use the laws of physics to study the universe. In this specialisation, you’ll dive into extreme worlds and unravel the inner workings of the universe from the smallest to the largest scales.

If you are fascinated by the extreme densities, gravities, and magnetic fields that can be found only in space, or by the formation, evolution, and composition of astrophysical objects, you can focus on the Astrophysics branch within this specialisation. Would you rather study particle interactions and take part in the search for new particles – for example during an internship at CERN - then you can choose a programme full of High Energy Physics. And for students with a major interest in the theories and predictions underlying all experimental work, we offer an extensive programme in mathematical or theoretical physics.






2 years

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Application requirements

Entering the Master's specialisation in Physics and Astrophysics requires a Bachelor's degree in: Physics and Astronomy, Physics, Applied Physics or equivalent. Your degree has to be equivalent to a Dutch university diploma. The Examination Board will determine if an international student has the required knowledge to be admitted. The Examination Board will also indicate if the student is required to follow specific courses from the Bachelor's programme to eliminate possible deficiencies.

Students must have passed preliminary examinations containing the following subject matter: * Experimental skills: at least 9 EC of practical courses on physics, and physics instrumentation * Mechanics: at least 9 EC, e.g. covering the level from Serway (Physics for Scientists and Engineers) to Taylor (Classical Mechanics) * Quantum Physics: at least 6 EC, e.g. covering the level of Griffiths (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics) * Electricity and Magnetism, Electromagnetism: at least 9 EC, e.g. c

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