Program Image Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Organizing Effective Responses (SRHResp)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Organizing Effective Responses (SRHResp)


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Improving access to equitable, quality Sexual and Reproductive Health/ HIV and AIDS services. Focus on rights. Integration of services. Voice and participation. Translation of principles into practice
Improving access to equitable and quality sexual and Reproductive Health, including HIV and AIDS related services is high on the global public health agenda. Effectively organising these services is a critical element of health systems’ function. This module looks at ‘rights’ as being central in sexual and reproductive health. This module builds on the state of the art evidence to critically analyse effective responses across building blocks of the health system. The module also factors-in discussions on the evolving role of health system in the process ie where the health system should lead, where it should facilitate, and where it should follow. The module critically examines synergies and efficiencies to be gained, and the trade-offs that need to made in the process, when integrating different kinds of services; vertical within the SRHR domain and also across other domains. The module focuses on bringing in equity considerations, enhancing voice, accountability and participation into the organisation of responses and services, with a focus on making services accessible to marginalised groups. This module translates principles of sound SRHR and HIV/AIDS responses into practice







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