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The Circular Economy as a Social Innovation

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Maybe you have heard about the circular economy, and that it can help in solving environmental and social problems. But what is the circular economy, and what can it mean for our life, study, and work? In this course, you will learn about the environmental and social reasons why Europe and the Netherlands aim to transition towards a circular economy. You will also learn that this transition needs social innovations to work: Innovations in society, business, and how people relate to each other.

The current linear take-make-waste economy negatively impacts the natural and social environment. The circular economy is an alternative that promises ways to regenerate the natural environment. In addition, the circular economy also promises to enhance social justice and it relies on innovative forms of social organizing. However, despite these promises, the social aspects of the circular economy are often overlooked in teaching. 

This course is one of the first to focus on the social side of the circular economy. It draws from experiences in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Europe, where social innovations and social justice are part of various circular initiatives.






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