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Transnationalism in Contemporary Society

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Throughout this course, students will engage in an in-depth analysis of transnational mobility, transnational care, and transnational organisational governance. The focus extends beyond observation, highlighting potential complexities and challenges inherent in transnational practices, particularly within multilevel governance structures, such as those evident within the European Union.

Conceptual Framework & Analytical Tools: Drawing upon seminal works by scholars like Basch et al. (1994) and Vertovec (1999), the course unveils the multifaceted nature of transnationalism. It explores transnationalism as a social morphology, a mode of cultural reproduction, and a site of political engagement. Furthermore, it examines the interplay between transnationalism and various disciplines, illustrating its relevance not only in academic discourse but also in policymaking, international media, and corporate spheres.

In addition to theoretical exploration, students will be introduced to analytical frameworks such as the Governance Analytical Framework (GAF) and Coleman's Boat for social mechanism exploration. These frameworks serve as invaluable tools. The application of these analytical approaches aims to demystify intricate social phenomena, providing students with transferable skills beneficial for future social science studies and research endeavours.






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