Program Image Video Essentials: Audio-Visual Production for Social Change - In Person

Video Essentials: Audio-Visual Production for Social Change - In Person

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Video is one of the most popular media types in the world: there are videos on almost all social media platforms, and it is a particularly persuasive way of communication. Video is a creative way to share information that is both engaging and powerful; it is a practice of translating information into moving images and making bite-sized content that has continuity while introducing new ways of storytelling. 

At RNW Media, we are aware of the power that media has in communicating and informing on specific social issues, as well as its capacity to influence people and drive social change. To understand how to reach your goals, it’s essential to know how to craft engaging stories, identify the audiences you are trying to reach, and play creatively with the different platforms available to share the content. To achieve this, our course will help content creators find a way of organizing and thinking about their work that can help in achieving creative and social goals. 

After this training, you will be able to understand the audio-visual medium and master the basics of video production. This course delves into the potentials and challenges of recording and strategies to innovate in content and form. We provide practical tools and techniques that can help turn your message into immersive, compelling videos.  






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