1. Apply for the programme of your choice that is eligible for an OTS scholarship.
  2. Download the application form below and fill it in:
    OTS Indonesia Application form 2023-2024 (156.10 kB)
  3. Prepare all the required additional documents, as indicated by the specific institution or programme you are applying for.
  4. Save all your documents in Word or PDF format.
  5. Make sure each file is clearly named in English: [document name] - [applicant's name]. For example: Admission Proof - Maulana Taufik.
  6. The maximum file size of all attachments combined should not exceed 20 MB.
  7. Please do NOT compile documents using zip/rar format.
  8. Send your documents to ots@nesoindonesia.or.id. The subject of your email should be 'OTS 2023-2024 Application- [name of university] - [your name]'. For example: OTS 2023-2024 Application - University of Amsterdam - Maulana Taufik.
  9. Make sure you get a confirmation email within 2 weeks from Neso Indonesia.