The Reinwardt Academy international master Applied Museum and Heritage Studies is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to conduct socially engaged interventions in the international museums and heritage field. You will study how current societal transitions have an impact on, and can be impacted by, museum and heritage work.

On the basis of questions and cases from the field, you will discuss and conceptualise exhibitions, educational programmes, policies and community projects as cultural interventions in an everchanging world. In line with current global developments, the three main themes running throughout the programme are sustainability, inclusivity and digitality.

Diverse group

We offer our programme in the historical city of Amsterdam to a highly diverse group of about 20 students. They come from all over the world and have a range of educational and professional backgrounds. By interacting with your fellow students, you will develop theoretically, practically and ethically grounded perspectives on international museum and heritage work.

We expect you to demonstrate an open-minded, inquisitive and practice-based attitude, as we treat our students as colleagues-to-be.

Programme details

The 60 EC programme consists of 4 modules and can be completed during 1 year of full-time study.

The modules are:

  • Researching Concepts: you will reflect on key concepts such as culture, identity, heritage, authenticity, participation, sustainability, inclusivity and digitality.
  • Engaged Professionalism: through workshops and field visits, you will explore the practical and ethical challenges of museum and heritage work.
  • Intervention Design: you will work in small teams on a client requested intervention, concerning presentation, education and/or collections.
  • Research: you will conclude the programme by conducting independent intervention research in a museum or heritage organisation.

Opening doors for your career

With the integrated vision on cultural heritage, ethics and societal issues gained from this programme, you should be ready to take up a position of leadership in the museum and heritage field as a project manager, a section head or an (independent) advisor. This could be at a community organisation, a distinguished national institute or anything in between.

The Reinwardt Academy is a well-known name in museum and heritage training and our vast global network will open doors to various job opportunities

Scholarship details

Scholarships available

There is 1 scholarship per country for students from:

  • India
  • Indonesia

Given the high student demand for a programme with only 20 to 22 spaces, we follow a rigorous selection process based on individual quality and group diversity. Applications are assessed twice a year. The first ten students will be selected in March, and the remaining spots will be filled in May

Value of the scholarship

€ 3,000 reduction on the tuition fee

Duration of scholarship

Entire duration of the programme (12 months)


Academic requirement

Bachelor's degree

English level

IELTS min. score: 7

Additional requirements

First degree in English

Working experience needed?

Yes, the candidate needs at least 2 years of working experience

More information

Contact person


Programme information

How to apply

Application deadline

1 April 2023

Documentation to provide

  1. Orange Tulip Scholarship application form
  2. Proof that the you have started the admission process with the institution.
  3. Motivation letter specifically written for OTS: this letter is different from the general motivation letter for the programme, as it focuses on the reasons why you think you needs to be selected for OTS.
  4. Budget plan

Terms and conditions

By applying for OTS you agree to the Orange Tulip Scholarship terms and conditions.

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