South Korea-specific information

The information on this page is for Korean students. For more general information please return to the homepage.

Visa requirements

When you come to Holland for study or research you might need a visa or work permit. Get prepared and check which procedure applies to you.


Neso South Korea provides support for scholarships specifically for Korean students:

Online living lab internship programme

Living Labs are student-centric research projects based on real-life business issues. Neso Korea has launched the online living lab internship programme in the following main sectors:

  • agriculture
  • health care
  • IT & AI
  • creative industries
  • social economy & innovation
  • smart cities

Are you following a study related to one of the above topics and keen to explore possibilities? Please contact us.


To prepare you for your study and life in the Netherlands we organise events such as pre-departure briefings.

NL alumni network Korea

The NL alumni network is a platform for international alumni, students, and interns, as well as Dutch education institutions, embassies and organisations. Through the network you can exchange knowledge, information, and contacts.

Join the NL alumni network Korea

Contact details

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South Korea

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