We are shocked by the current events in Ukraine. We condemn any form of violence and view the current situation in Ukraine with sadness. We sympathise with all people who are directly or indirectly affected by this and hope for a speedy and peaceful solution.

The situation in Eastern Europe also affects students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Support at Dutch universities

Support at the Dutch research universities

Visit the website of the Universities of the Netherlands for information about support at the universities. There you will find a list with separate links to all research universities with support information.

Support at the Dutch universities of applied sciences

Visit the individual websites of the universities of applied sciences, to see what support they offer. A list of all Dutch universities of applied sciences can be found on our website (scroll down to list of universities of applied sciences).

Registration and tuition fees

All Dutch universitities of applied sciences and research universities in the Netherlands announced that they are reducing their tuition fees for refugee students with Ukrainian nationality for the academic year 2022-2023. As a result, these students will pay the statutory tuition fee of €2209 instead of the much higher institutional tuition fee normally charged to students from outside the European Economic Area.

The official enrolment deadline for study programmes has already passed. But many universities have postponed this deadline for students from Ukraine or will try to find a fitting solution.

Please contact the university to discuss the options.

Contact with Nuffic

Are you a refugee student from Ukraine? For questions about your specific situation, please contact us at info.ukraine@nuffic.nl

Comparing Ukrainian diplomas to Dutch diplomas

Compare Ukrainian diplomas to Dutch diplomas. And find information about education in Ukraine.

Mental health support

We can imagine that students are struggling to process everything that is happening right now. Please know that you can consult a GP (General Practitioner) with concerns about your mental health. Your doctor can issue a referral to a specialist.

Besides, many Dutch higher education institutions have their own teams of psychologists to support students. You can contact this team of psychologists at your host institution to receive help. Other organisations that can help you are listed here (scroll down to mental health services).

Support for refugees

Visit the website of RefugeeHelp for general help in the Netherlands. RefugeeHelp is the online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. It provides information about for example education, health care and housing.