What are cookies?

When talking about cookies we also mean third-party requests.

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your computer or smartphone when you visit the site. The main function of cookies is to distinguish one visitor from another.

A third-party request is a request from another domain about one’s behaviour on a website. These requests could gather information to profile content and advertisement to show to you.

We do not use marketing cookies ourselves, but others may. For example, sometimes videos or dashboards that we embed on our website may include cookies and third-party requests.

We handle your personal data carefully. That includes the use of cookies and information about third-party requests.

Types of cookies and third-party requests

We use the following types of cookies and third-party requests.

Functional cookies

These are necessary for the performance of the site, for example to remember your preferences and keep you logged in at your own request. We do not have to ask for permission for using these cookies.

Statistics cookies

These provide insight into how visitors use our websites, which pages are visited the most and which keywords people use to search. This allows us to improve our websites.

We collect information about the use of our website (but not about you), through web statistics from Piwik Pro and Hotjar. We have signed contracts with these parties that they may only provide us with anonymous statistics, and may not use the collected data for any of their own purposes.

Hotjar automatically respects any Do Not Track setting in browsers. You can turn Do Not Track on or off in your browser settings for your browsing traffic.

Marketing cookies and third-party requests

We use content on this website that we present through external parties. These include YouTube videos, Google Maps and information dashboards from Tableau. The external parties set cookies and exchange information with other external parties to track you on the Internet. But that only happens if you accept the cookies. If you do, third parties can build a profile of you and tailor online ads on other websites to your interests.

List of cookies used

Which cookies are used on studyinnl.org?

Functional cookies


Cookie name: rvtoken
Functional cookie to implement forms on the website.
Expires after: session

Social media and marketing cookies


We use YouTube to show video content.

Cookie name: GPS from .youtube.com
Registers a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical GPS location.
Expires after: session

Cookie name: IDE from .doubleclick.net
Expires after: 1 month

Cookie name: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE from .youtube.com
Expires after: 6 months

Cookie name: PREF from .youtube.com
Expires after: 8 months

Cookie name: YSC from .youtube.com
The main purpose of this cookie is: Unknown
Expires after: session

Cookie name: GPS from .youtube.com
The main purpose of this cookie is: Unknown
Expires after: 30 min

Checking and resetting cookies

How can you tell which cookies are being used?

On the website Webbkoll you can check which cookies are used on a certain webpage.

How can you reset cookies?

If you want to reset the cookies of our website you can use the button below. When you click it, you will automatically go to our Dutch home page. From that point on, you will see the cookie statement reappear for videos and embedded content.

Reset cookies

Who are we?

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