Program Image Analysing Disrupted Health Systems in Countries in Crisis (ADHS) - Amsterdam

Analysing Disrupted Health Systems in Countries in Crisis (ADHS) - Amsterdam

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Complex emergencies, assessment of disrupted health systems, health systems components, governance, humanitarian aid and politics, human rights, policies, strategies and plans, recovery process
Protracted crises, mainly those labeled complex emergencies, have a severe impact on health systems, including policy development, human resources, financing, management, and support systems. Unreliable, incomplete information hampers sound decision making, and fast evolving conditions increase uncertainty. They suffer from damage at all levels and from the limited legitimacy and capacity of national authorities, yet there are unique opportunities for addressing their main weaknesses and disruptions during the recovery period. Using participatory learning approaches, this course focuses on analyzing the major features and distortions of disrupted health systems, explores the concept of complex emergencies, and discusses challenges in obtaining and using data and information in these contexts. It takes a critical look at humanitarian aid and its politics as well as the recovery and rebuilding of the health system, including governance, financing, and pharmaceutical supply. Case studies explore successes and failures in rebuilding health sectors of conflict-affected countries, analyse key actors' agendas and the health sector strategies, plans and monitoring and evaluation approaches






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