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Why do some cars or aeroplanes experience more drag than others? How do we calculate the orbit of a satellite? How are partially autonomous vehicles controlled? How fast does blood flow through our veins?While the degree programme in Mathematics is concerned with abstract matters, the emphasis of the Applied Mathematics programme is on constructing mathematical models to solve problems, simulate practical situations and analyze the results. For example, you may make a model to compute the flow of water or blood, or the flow fields around the wing of an aeroplane. Or, you may work on operating systems for robots, aeroplanes or satellites. While the ability to think abstractly is just as important as it is for Mathematics, in Applied Mathematics you also learn to structure your reasoning and draw conclusions.The University of Groningen offers degree programmes in both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The first year is largely the same for both Bachelor’s programmes, during which you explore the programmes and gradually work towards your specialization. It is possible to switch programmes at the end of the first year.Applied Mathematics is an international Bachelor’s degree programme. All of the course units are taught in English, which gives Applied Mathematics an extra dimension as many of your fellow students and lecturers will come from abroad.Listen to the podcast!Want t




Bachelor of Science


3 years

ECTS credits



Numerus Fixus

Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 2,530

€ 19,300

€ 13,100


Application requirements

Language proficiency certificate for English (except for applicants with a Dutch pre-university education (VWO) as well as the exemptions listed on the language exemptions webpage). More info:

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Tuition fees  
€ 2,530
€ 19,300
€ 13,100
Start date App. deadline EU/EEA App. deadline Non-EU/EEA
1 Sep '24 1 May '24 1 May '24
1 Sep '25 1 May '25 1 May '25
1 Sep '26 1 May '26 1 May '26


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