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Arts and Culture: Comparative Cultural Analysis


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The Master's programme Comparative Cultural Analysis is dedicated to exploring how globalisation has increased across intercultural forms of literatures and arts. What a culture identifies as a dialogue with another culture is a sometimes fruitful and sometimes conflictual but always productive moment that reveals that no “culture” is a self-contained historical or geographical entity. Using interdisciplinary concepts and objects, the course proposes to explore the dialogues between and therefore (self-)redefinition of cultural phenomena, with a special emphasis on issues of mobility and identity construction.

The professors and researchers who form part of this programme all have very diverse research areas. Questions concerning the programme literature are combined with a broader perspective from various subjects such as cultural history, psychoanalysis and esthetics, philosophy and esthetics, anthropology and intercultural awareness, intermediality, and gender studies.




Master of Arts


1 year

ECTS credits

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Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 2,530

€ 17,270

€ 15,700


Application requirements

The Master's programme in Comparative Cultural Analysis is open for application to students with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university in the Humanities or Social Sciences with an emphasis on theories of contemporary culture, to a minimum of 30 ECTS (equivalent to a full-time semester of academic studies). 

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Tuition fees  
€ 2,530
€ 17,270
€ 15,700
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1 Sep '24 1 Mar '24 1 Mar '24


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