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How can we model human task performance? How do our brains combine visual and auditory information? What is the ideal patient monitor for tired emergency doctors?

The Master’s degree programme in Computational Cognitive Science (CCS) focuses on cognitive science and neuroscience and their applications. CCS gives you insights into human cognition, language, and the brain and teaches you to use this knowledge in applied settings, such as human-computer interaction and computerized learning tools. By leveraging knowledge of human cognition, for example, you can optimize how an artificial intelligence system communicates with human users and develop virtual reality applications for education or simulation models of human task performance.

Two questions form the basis for this programme:

  • How do human cognition and the human brain work?
  • How can we use this knowledge in applied settings?

To answer these questions, you have to know how humans perform tasks and how this affects potential interactions. How do humans acquire new skills and how do they learn to adapt to a new task? In addition, it is important to think about how humans communicate and apply this to human-machine communication. Language is a natural way of human communication, and this may or may not be a good choice for communication with a machine, depending on the circumstances.




Master of Science


2 years

ECTS credits



Numerus Fixus

Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 2,530

€ 24,200

€ 19,900


Application requirements

BEFORE YOU APPLY Make sure to visit 'MSc Application Procedure' at for all the necessary information about the procedure and admission requirements.

A Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology or a relevant degree including the following subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Psychology or Cognitive Science, Statistics and Research methods, practical skills in Programming. Information about admission possibilities and requirements for students with a Dutch degree is published on:

Sufficient English proficiency on VWO level is required.

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Tuition fees  
€ 2,530
€ 24,200
€ 19,900
Start date App. deadline EU/EEA App. deadline Non-EU/EEA
1 Sep '24 1 May '24 1 May '24
1 Sep '25 1 May '25 1 May '25
1 Sep '26 1 May '26 1 May '26


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