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Earth Structure and Dynamics is the study of the composition, structure and evolution of the Earth's crust, mantle and core.
The programme Earth Structure and Dynamics links geological, geophysical, geochemical and geodetic observations made at the Earth's surface to physical processes operating within the planet.

The programme can be seen as combining physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology and field studies to address how the Solid Earth works. It allows specialization in virtually any aspect of Solid Earth Science, ranging from theoretical geophysics to pure geology or geochemistry, with many students choosing a combined geology-geophysics focus.

The main subject areas consist of seismology, tectonophysics, mantle dynamics, structural geology, metamorphism, magmatic processes, basin evolution, hydrocarbon and mineral deposits, and the properties of Earth materials. Students examine processes ranging from slow geodynamic processes – such as mantle convection, plate tectonics, and mountain building – to those that can have an impact during a human lifetime. These include active crustal deformation, seismicity, and volcanism as well as subsidence, uplift, and seismicity induced by hydrocarbon production and geological storage of CO2.




Master of Science


1 year

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€ 2,530


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€ 2,530
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