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Why is one person a leader while others follow? How can organisations attract competent and trustworthy employees? What are the best ways to reward employees? If you choose the Work and Organizational Psychology track, you’ll answer questions like these that focus on human behaviour within organisations [VH1] and work situations. Because this track is work-related by definition, the programme is sure to have a lasting impact on your career.

What’s more, this one-year programme prepares you to put what you’ve learned into practice: you’ll gain insights into the individual characteristics and social processes that shape organisations. You’ll not only understand the theories behind problems you’ll encounter in the workplace – you’ll also learn to apply these theories to everyday work-related situations. Your courses are all taught by people who have experience both in research and in the field. And you’ll get real-life practical experience through your internship.  

It’s particularly strange here where we use the UK spelling of organisation but the US spelling in the title of the track (Organizational) in the same sentence.




Master of Science


1 year

ECTS credits



Numerus Fixus

Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 2,530


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Tuition fees  
€ 2,530
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Information not available
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1 Sep '24 31 May '24 1 Apr '24
1 Sep '25 31 May '25 1 Apr '25
1 Sep '26 31 May '26 1 Apr '26


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