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The 2-year MSc programme focuses on the role of tourism in developing sustainable answers to societal and environmental challenges (e.g. climate change, capitalism, global security, humanitarian aid)
Five attributes characterize the programme:
* Sustainability. The programme aspires to produce graduates who do not tacitly contribute to conventional tourism practices, but who critically reflect on and develop new and challenging approaches and world-views.
* High-quality scientific knowledge: the programme is research focused and educates students in both theoretical research and theory-based practice-oriented research. We offer students a teaching environment that provides a multi-disciplinary social science perspective as well as an understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
* International. We cultivate a worldly environment within and beyond the classroom via teaching staff, students, materials and international guest lecturers.
* Rich learning environments: students interact with a range of practitioners through guest lectures, excursions, assignments, internships and thesis and academic consultancy projects.
* Flexible and personalised learning paths: we consider it essential to offer students an opportunity to explore and specialise in a variety of thematic trajectories involving a wide variety of perspectives.




Master of Science


2 years

ECTS credits

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Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 2,530

€ 20,600

€ 20,600

€ 20,600


Application requirements

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Language requirements

IELTS overall band
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TOEFL internet based

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Tuition fees  
€ 2,530
€ 20,600
€ 20,600
Start date App. deadline EU/EEA App. deadline Non-EU/EEA
1 Sep '24 1 Jul '24 1 May '24


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