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Water Resources Planning under Changing Climate and Environment

Short or summer course

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A brief introduction of the climate system and the causes of climate change and variability, and the impacts of climate change on the hydrological cycle/water resources, the environment and water-use sectors. Adaptation measures and economic aspects, and adaptation strategies under uncertainty.

Institutional and organizational aspects of water resources management and development. Importance of involving stakeholders in water management and climate change adaptation, and strategies on how to involve stakeholders.

Practical workshop conducted as a groupwork role play in which participants represent specialists and/or stakeholders from a wide range of water-related sectors that are involved in formulating future plans for water resources development of Climateland. The WEAP modelling package will be used to investigate the feasibility of their conceived potential future planning measures including the effects of climate change on the water resources and its allocation of Climateland. Future climate data inputs are derived from existing climate model results for selected IPCC scenarios. Groupwork to address specific problems and investigate potential solutions, which subsequently need to be integrated into a master planning for the coming 50-75 years. Presentation of outcomes for the entire basin in an oral presentation to the Government, and a joint classroom discussion.






12 days

ECTS credits


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Tuition fee 2024/2025

€ 3,500

€ 3,500


Application requirements

Undergraduate level in earth-, natural-, or environmental sciences, agriculture, civil engineering, or similar.

Professional experience in a water-related sector and/or affinity with water-related economics, law, or governance is a plus point.

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Tuition fees  
€ 3,500
€ 3,500
Information not available
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8 Jul '24 8 Jun '24 8 Jun '24


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