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In the World Politics major we examine interactions between states and between sates and non-state actors, including multinational corporations, nongovernmental organisations, civil societies, diasporas and armed groups. We start from the assumption that political inter-group conflict is a key driver of these interactions, which can escalate into armed conflicts, or could be managed, resolved and transformed into better cooperation.

The major is organised into four tracks, each of which contains courses examining a different aspect of World Politics:

  • International Relations and Diplomacy focuses on the political interactions between states and examines how governments pursue their interests using the key tools of statecraft, including diplomacy, trade, and war;
  • Globalization and Transnational Politics explores social movements and other non-state actors that transcend borders, cooperating with the state system or challenging it;
  • Peace and Conflict Studies examines in more detail inter-group conflicts of various types, why they emerge and escalate, and how they can be resolved;
  • International History studies aspects of the human past that transcend any single nation-state, empire or politically-bound territory.






3 years

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€ 2,314
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