Study or work abroad

You can use an Erasmus+ scholarship to study or work in another EU country. You can do a study period of between 3 and 12 months or a traineeship (work placement) of between 2 and 12 months.

12 months per academic cycle

During each academic cycle you can spend up to 12 months abroad. For example, 12 months during your bachelor studies and 12 months during your master’s studies. A 12-month period can consist of any combination of study periods and/or traineeships.

Opportunities for recent graduates

Recent graduates are also eligible for Erasmus+ support for traineeships, provided:

  • They have been selected by their higher education institution during their final study year.
  • The traineeship takes place within 12 months after graduation.

Eligibility criteria and grant

To qualify for an Erasmus+ scholarship you must be a student or recent graduate from a higher education institution. Your institution sets the exact eligibility criteria and the amount of the grant.

Contact your institutions International Office directly to learn more about their specific criteria.

Regular student grants

Government service DUO provides provides more information about regular student grants and tuition fee refunds for EU students.