Select a study programme

Find a study programme of your interest by using our independent and up-to-date overview of all English-taught programmes in the Netherlands.

Find out which scholarships may be available

Select the study programme of your interest and scroll down to find out about the scholarship possibilites. Also make sure to contact the institution of your interest to find out if they offer other scholarships as well.

Check out the admission requirements

On the page of the study programme in our database, the admission requirements are also specified. Admission requirements are set by the institution of your choice in the Netherlands. They may vary by programme too. However, there are some general admission requirements at most institutions.

Check out important deadlines

Application deadlines in the Netherlands vary per institution and study programme. So always make sure to check the exact deadline with the institution of your choice.

Start the admission process

To qualify for a scholarship you have to hand in an admission offer from the institution OR proof that you are in the process of being considered for admission. This is why you first need to apply for a study programme, before you can apply for a scholarship.

Apply for the scholarship

Take into account that you have to hand in some documents, such as a motivation letter or English test results. So start collecting and writing these documents in time!