About the scholarship

In 2021, Nuffic Southeast Asia, Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) and Directorate General of Higher Education – Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (DIKTI) agreed to collaborate in a joint scholarship programme through its StuNed Scholarship and DIKTI-LPDP Scholarship programmes. In 2024, this collaboration has been branded as the LPDP-Netherlands Joint Scholarship Programme, or it is referred to as Beasiswa Prioritas Diktiristek-LPDP-OKP Program Master in the LPDP website.

This scholarship (which also includes a specific Cultural Heritage Scholarship Programme) is funded by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The LPDP-Netherlands joint scholarship programme aims to optimise the resources that the collaborating organisations have by focusing on specific areas that are mutually relevant and important to Indonesia's development priorities, the development of key expertise in the Dutch knowledge sector, and the bilateral cooperation agenda of the two countries.

Target Group

This scholarship targets Indonesian mid-career professionals who aim to contribute to Indonesia’s sustainable and inclusive development. The scholarship offers the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at participating Dutch Higher Education Institutions (DHEIs) in courses that are related to:

  • Water management and technology;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Sustainable and circular economy focusing on urban development;
  • Maritime, transport, and supply chain;
  • Security and rule of law, in particular cyber security;
  • Development studies, public policy, and governance;
  • Public health management.
  • Cultural heritage (additional application rules apply)

Cultural Heritage
The Cultural Heritage Scholarship Programme for Indonesia is part of the LPDP-Netherlands Joint Scholarship Programme and the Cultural Heritage Scholarship Programme. The partnership with LPDP allows the programme to grant double the amount of scholarships for Indonesian applicants.

As the LPDP co-funds this scholarship for Indonesia, students who wish to follow a degree related to Cultural Heritage will have to apply in 2 steps through the followings systems:

  • Before 12 February 2024 with LPDP directly
  • Before 8 April 2024 through the online Delta system

The Netherlands Embassy, together with the Cultural Heritage Programme will cover the following costs:

  • handling fee;
  • student visa costs;
  • tuition fee;
  • health insurance;
  • study materials

Read more on application procedures on the page about the Cultural Heritage Scholarship Programme for Indonesia.

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Indonesian citizen, living in Indonesia, and willing to return to Indonesia upon graduation of the program;
  • education background: S1/D4, minimal GPA: 3.0;
  • TOEFL IBT ≥90 or IELTS ≥6.5, valid for 2 years from the date of test;
  • mid-career professional, maximum 35 years old by 31 December 2024;
  • not intended for part-time study program, pre-master or distance learning;
  • not currently pursuing or already obtained a master’s degree;
  • not working for a bilateral or multilateral organization, a non-governmental organization that is internationally active and is focused on representing social interests, such as development cooperation, nature, and environmental protection, health or human rights; and
  • unconditional Letter of Admission (LoA), submitted in DELTA (Nuffic online application system) *

*Only applicable to the shortlisted candidates (those who passed the the first assessment process by LPDP). It will need to be uploaded in the Delta (Nuffic online application system). Please allow 1 – 2 months for the university to issue unconditional LoA.

Apply for this scholarship

In the initial stage, interested candidates are required to submit their application to LPDP E-Beasiswa online application system by 12 February 2024. This joint scholarship programme falls under ‘Beasiswa Prioritas’ category’.

Concurrently, interested candidates who don’t have an unconditional LoA yet, should start applying to university for the study program that is in the list of the joint scholarship programme (in January or February).

LPDP will evaluate applicants based on predetermined eligibility criteria. LPDP will nominate successful candidates (shortlisted applicants) to participate in Nuffic assessment.

The shortlisted applicants will be contacted directly and provided with the Delta link (Nuffic online application system). Application period in Delta: 1 – 8 April 2024. The shortlisted applicants will be contacted directly and provided with the Delta online application system website. In Delta, shortlisted applicants need to submit:
valid identification;

Study programmes offered

1. Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL)

2. IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
MSc Water and sustainable development

3. International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MA in Development Studies
Available in the following majors:
• Development Studies major in Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies
• Development Studies major in Economics of Development
• Development Studies major in Governance and Development Policy
• Development Studies major in Social Policy for Development
• Development Studies major in Governance of Migration and Diversity

4. University of Groningen
MSc in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning
MA History of Architecture and Town Planning
MSc Sustainable Entrepreneurship
LLM Technology Law and Innovation
MA Arts, Cognition and Criticism

5. Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam (IHS)
MSc Urban Governance of Inclusive Sustainable Cities
Urban Housing & Land Justice: Equitable Access to Sustainable Land, Housing & Services
MSc Strategic Urban Planning & Policies -Managing Socio-Spatial Dynamics for Sustainable Cities
MSc Urban Digital Transformation and Innovation
MSc Urban Environment, Sustainability & Climate Change: Integrated Management of Land, Water and Air

6. Radboud University
Spatial Planning- Cities, Water and Climate Change

7. KIT Royal Tropical Institute
MSc in Public Health and Health Equity

8. Tilburg University
LLM Law and Technology
MSc Supply Chain Management

9. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Master Shipping and Transport
Master in International Supply Chain Management
Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

10. Utrecht University
MSc Spatial Planning
Public International Law; specialisation: Oceans, the Environment and Sustainability
MA Cultural History and Heritage

11. Maastricht University
MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Change
M. International Business (Supply Chain Management)
MSc Global Health

12. Breda University of Applied Sciences
MSc International Supply Chain Management

13. Vrije University
MSc Transport and Supply Chain Management
MSc Public Administration (Artificial Intelligence and Governance)
MA Heritage Studies
MA Global History

14. Leiden University
Advanced LL.M. (Law and Digital Technologies)
MSc Crisis and Security Management; specialisation in Cybersecurity Governance
MSc Crisis and Security Management; specialisation in Intelligence and National Security
MA Colonial and Global History, subtraject Heritage and Postcolonial Studies
MA Museum Studies

15. Reinwardt Academy
MA Applied Museum and Heritage Studies

Selection Procedure and timeline


All applications will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria, the relevance of the applicant’s academic and professional background with the priority areas, and the quality of the application. Both Nuffic, the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta and LPDP will be involved in the assessment, which will be combined in a final result.


11 January – 12 February 2024
Submission of scholarship application in LPDP online application system (LPDP E-Beasiswa online application system), under: Beasiswa Prioritas Category

15 February – 27 March 2024
Assessment by LPDP (including: administrative, scholastic test, and substantial test)

3 April 2024
Shortlisted list by LPDP is available

1-8 April 2024
Shortlisted candidates submit the scholarship application in Nuffic online application system (Delta). Link will be provided to the shortlisted candidates.

Mid-May 2024
Announcement of awardees

Scholarship Coverages

It is a full scholarship program, LPDP will cover the following costs:

  • economy international airline return ticket Indonesia (Jakarta)-Netherlands (Amsterdam) and an addition of domestic airline return ticket (city of domicile to international airport) for the awardees who live outside Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi;
  • settling-in allowance upon arrival in the Netherlands;
  • subsistence allowances in the Netherlands;
  • international seminar participation (terms and condition applies);
  • international journal Publication (terms and condition applies);
  • emergency fund (terms and condition applies);
  • Study Extension (terms and condition applies);
  • Research Allowance (terms and condition applies).

More Information

For more information about LPDP-Netherlands Joint Scholarship Programme, please contact Oktavia (osidharta@nuffic.nl).