Nuffic is the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the Netherlands (NARIC).

Check your level

If you want to get an idea of the equivalent Dutch level of your diploma, you can check the list of common diplomas from your country on the Nuffic website.

You can also apply for a written evaluation yourself, but this is not a free service. Check for more information.

Note that it is best to let the education institution consult Nuffic, as this will be free of charge for you.

Final decision by institution

In addition to Nuffic’s advice, the institution can set other specific requirements for admission to their study programmes. It is the institution that makes the final decision on the recognition of your qualification. This decision may not be completely in line with the initial evaluation by Nuffic.

If you do not agree with the recognition decision, you can contact the admissions office of the higher education institution for more information.

For more information on the recognition process, please see Nuffic's website.