Housing in the Netherlands

Finding housing can be stressful but these tips may help!
Posted by Mira
From Germany
Photo of canal houses in Amsterdam

My name is Mira, and I am in my final year of studying Psychology at the University of Twente. When first moving to the Netherlands, I was quite nervous about finding housing. It’s not always easy, but these tips helped me!

1. Your University

The first place to start looking for housing should be your university. At the University of Twente, for example, places are offered to prospective students, especially when struggling to find housing as an international student. So, check on your university website!

Letters in a field saying University of Twente

2. Social Media Groups

Your next step should be to join social media groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. Here, users can post available apartments, houses, and studios. It is also a great opportunity to meet other people looking for housing! You might just find your future roommates. Just look up the city you want to move to or the university you will attend and add ‘housing/apartments’. Beware of scammers and make sure to schedule a viewing if possible.

Screenshot of a private facebook group about student rooms in Enschede

3. Housing Platforms

An additional step could be to check official housing platforms such as Kamernet or Roomspot. These platforms can, however, be pricy and I would recommend checking other social media platforms first

Screenshot of the Kamernet website

Either way, the search is worth it! Below you can see my student house, located between my university and the city centre. The distance from your student house and your university is another factor to consider when searching. You should also consider who you’d like to live with. Whether you enjoy partying, silence, cleanliness, plenty of roommates or just a studio for yourself, there is something for everyone and you can create your student house in whichever way you prefer. Overall, your first time living away from home is a very rewarding experience that you will not forget!

Picture of the house of Mira

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