You may like studying in the Netherlands so much that you simply cannot get enough of your Dutch life style and education. In that case, you could decide to continue your studies. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities if you want to stay here!

What could be your next step?

Check the overview of degrees for which next level your diploma grants you access. For example: if you have finished a bachelor's degree, you could continue studying for a master's degree at the same institution or a different one.

Look for your next study programme

Extending your residence permit

If you have obtained a diploma and you want to continue your studies and apply for another study programme, you need to extend your residence permit. This applies, for example, if you have a bachelor’s degree and want to study for your master’s degree.

International students are allowed to study in the Netherlands for a maximum number of years, which is generally equal to the number of years of the study programme chosen, plus an additional two years. Find out what the requirements are and how to apply for extension.

Continuing with a PhD

If you have obtained a master’s degree and would like to continue to do a PhD, you will need to apply for a change in the purpose of your residence permit. PhD positions are classified as work in the Netherlands rather than as study. In most cases the institution where you are going to conduct your research will apply for the necessary residence permit on your behalf.

Most PhD posts will be advertised on job boards, such as AcademicTransfer, in scientific journals, or on notice boards at other institutions.

Continuing your studies in a different country

A Dutch diploma opens the doors to many universities all over the world. With a high-quality Dutch diploma in your pocket, you can continue your studies in another country. A diploma description can help your new university assess the value of your diploma. Therefore it may improve your chances of gaining access to studies.