A limited number of approximately 20 scholarships a year is awarded to female and male professionals who are:

  • highly motivated;
  • living and working in Jordan;
  • 20 to 45 years old;
  • proficient in English;
  • working in one of the priority areas fitting the MSP approach for Jordan;
  • using and transferring their knowledge and experience in their employing organisation after the training;
  • agreeing to the MSP obligations and conditions (154.4 kB).

English proficiency

You need English language skills because most courses are offered in English.

Priority areas

You have to be working within one of the following priority themes;

  • human rights
  • youth empowerment
  • local economic development
  • good governance

Employer statement

You need an employer statement (105.6 kB) that is signed by you and your employer. It shows us that your employer supports your application. And that you can share the knowledge and experience you gained in the Netherlands once you return to Jordan. This is required because the MSP is focused at strengthening organisations by strengthening people.

Government statement

If you are a civil servant in Jordan you need a signed government statement (25.7 kB). This certifies the support of the Jordanian government for your MSP application.

The application should at least be stamped by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC). To arrange a government statement, please contact your Ministry. Please note that this can take some time.

Other requirements

The education institution will inform you on the requirements needed for your application. Most of the courses are designed for professionals with at least a BSC-level (or equivalent) and a minimum of relevant working experience. Applications from students will not be taken into consideration.

In order to apply for one of the courses you must motivate:

  • that you work within the priority themes for Jordan as mentioned above;
  • how the courses will strengthen both you and the organisation you work for;
  • how you will use your newly gained knowledge and experience in your organisation after your study.

We especially encourage women to apply for a scholarship. 50% of all scholarships per country are reserved for women.

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“ Through the MSP course I gained a lot of knowledge that I directly applied to my experience and in my organization, the knowledge I gained, helped a lot with implementing projects on local development, specifically in quality of education, linking the market to the need and the skills and knowledge for youth“ - Shatha Majali

Available courses

This is the provisional MSP course list for the application round that is opening on 28 June 2023 and closing on 5 September 2023 16:00 CET. Please note that some education institutions have an earlier deadline.

Institute for Housing and Urban Development (IHS)

Application deadline: 27 August 2023 16:00 CET

Sustainable Local Economic Development
Green Cities for Eco-efficiency
Urban Management Tools for Climate Change

MDF Training & Consultancy

Application deadline: 5 September 2023 16:00 CET

Management of Development for Projects and Programmes course
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning course
Gender Mainstreaming Development course

Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

The MSM application deadline is 1 September 2023. Applicants need to submit their application in the MSM system first. Only nominated candidates will receive the application link for Nuffic Delta Application.

Application deadline: 1 September 2023 16:00 CET

Digital Transformation and Strategic change management
Mangement de Projet et Développement des entreprises Agricoles (French)
Women and youth empowerment and entrepreneurship policy
Strategic Leadership and Personal Leadership

RNTC Media Training Centre

Application deadline: 5 September 2023 16:00 CET

Public Interest Journalism - February 2024
Media Campaigns for Social Change and Advocacy - February 2024
Media Campaigns for Social Change and Advocacy – May 2024
Digital Media to Counter Disinformation and Hate Speech – February 2024
Digital Media to Counter Disinformation and Hate Speech – May 2024
Digital Content Creation – May 2024

The Hague Academy for Local Governance

Application procedure is a 2-tiered application procedure, only candidates that comply with the eligibility criteria will receive a link to apply to Nuffic’s Delta Application. The Hague Academy application deadline is 2 weeks prior to Nuffic’s deadline.

Application deadline: 22 August 2023

Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance
Inclusive Service Delivery & the SDGs
Citizen Participation & Inclusive Governance
Gender Responsive Governance
Urban Governance: resilient and Smart Cities
Local Climate Response
Migration and Local Authorities

University of Amsterdam

Application deadline: 5 September 2023 16:00 CET

Multilateralism, Globalisation & Corporate Diplomacy
The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem
Mental Health, Youth and Society

Royal Tropical Institute

Course list and deadlines to be announced soon.

How to apply  

You always have to apply in 2 steps:

  1. Apply for academic admission through the education institution.
  2. Apply for the scholarship through Nuffic's online application system. Please check the conditions for receiving the link at the education institution of your choice.

Contact the education institution of your choice well in time to receive more information about the application procedure and deadlines. To apply:

  • Check whether you fit the requirements and approach for Jordan.
  • Choose a course from the list above.
  • Contact the education institution offering the course as soon as possible. We strongly advise you to contact the institution of your choice long before an application round opens, as additional academic requirements may be needed.
  • Apply for an MSP scholarship through a link for Nuffic’s online registration system which you receive from the education institution. Please check the conditions for receiving the link at the education institution of your choice.

Twice a year you can apply during an application round for a MSP, usually in February and in September. Results of applications are announced 3 to 4 months after application.

Selection criteria

The MSP is a very competitive scholarship. Only a small number of the best candidates receive a scholarship. The available scholarships are equally distributed across the participating countries, taking into account the available budget and the quality of the applications. 50% of all scholarships per country are reserved for female applicants.


Please contact the education institution where you want to study on questions regarding your application for the MSP scholarship. For other questions please feel free to contact Nuffic on

Other opportunities for Jordan

Don’t fit the MSP requirements? Or would you like to do another course? An independent and up-to-date overview of English-taught programmes in the Netherlands is available in the Studyfinder.

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